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Paul Koning, Mike Vadas and Henk Blom all spent many years at the cold face of Waterproofing, Paint Manufacturing and Painting respectively.
Friends, colleagues and customers alike have encouraged Paul, Mike and Henk to form a joint advisory practice.

Construction related problems due to poor design and incorrect detailing are only too well documented. Immensely expensive remedial work is often carried out on buildings which could have been avoided if professional advice had been sought by the specifier and correct methods and choices been made before commencement .

The correct choice and detailing of the waterproofing element of construction is vital as is the application thereof. The interface with other trades is important to ensure no damage is caused to the membranes.

The choice of a paint system for all elements is as vital to ensure a good foundation and long lasting protection. The correct application is all too often overlooked with too much reliance on the contractor who very often works under difficult conditions and timelines.

It is important to remember that the paint is only as good as the surface it is applied to. Plaster, construction joints, correct waterproofing of exposed tops and the application of sealants between different elements are vital to ensuring a successful end result.

We therefore suggest that ideally we are consulted at the design stage of any building.

Maintenance of the external paintable elements of a building is vital to ensure longevity. It is important to remember that different materials deteriorate at different rates and will also be affected by which elevation and conditions they are exposed to. A Progressive Maintenance Programme can ensure these elements are protected at the correct time.

Problems that are due to the original incorrect or poor design sometimes cannot be rectified easily, or at all, without major reconstruction. We cannot offer any “magical” solutions to such problems. In some cases, where there is incorrect or poor design, any suggestions offered might have to be compromising in nature. The implications and risks would be thoroughly explained to the client at the time.

The education on the waterproofing and painting of buildings is very important and unfortunately is sometimes overlooked. We offer presentations on this subject.

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